This is a small collection of podcasts produced by Skyline Writing Center tutors for internal and external training purposes.  As part of the project and inquiry-based curriculum in Writing Center, tutors research and produce podcasts on areas that interest them and the writing center community.  Since 2014, Skyline tutors have produced more than 100 podcasts on topics ranging from how to train tutors on social-emotional learning to working with our community for literacy justice.

2020 Writing Prize Podcasts

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our Teen Spirit Release Party and Writing Prize celebration was canceled.   The winners recorded a podcast with Jeff Austin, the Writing Center’s Director, talking about their writing process, reading their winning piece, and finding out where they finished in this year’s competition.

First Place: Alison MacGillivray, “Sunshine”

Second Place: Jahi Hawkins, “I Break Free” + “Black Boy”

Third Place: Dara Geva, “Natural” + “Sense of Adventure, Sense of Responsibility”

Honorable Mention: Savanna Cowley, “Cookie Cutter Kids”

Honorable Mention: Sophie Reznick, “First Kiss”

Bridgette Bauer | What is the Skyline Writing Center?
Neha Seshadri | Unraveling Common Misperceptions about the Writing Center
Anne Boyd | The Hidden Work of the Writing Center

Bridgette, Neha, and Anne help newcomers to the Skyline community or those wanting to know more about secondary school writing centers understand our work.

Anne Boyd + Tommy Cohn | Using the Writing Center

Anne and Tommy give practical advice for students looking to use the Writing Center.

Amanda Wilhoit | Reflective Practices in Writing

Amanda discusses how she used reflective writing during important transitions in her life and provides tips for others seeking to do the same.

Carsten Finholt | Moving Beyond Grades in the Writing Center
Maddy Van Delden | Breaking the Link Between Grades and Intelligence
Savanna Cowley | Tutoring in a Third Space

Carsten, Maddy, and Savanna engage in conversations about how the Writing Center pushes students to think beyond grades as a metric of success.

Alison MacGillivray + Maddy Van Delden Tutoring Using Writing Center Values
Sophie Reznick | How Writing Center Values Reduce Power Imbalances

Alison, Maddy, and Sophie talk about how tutors use the values of the Writing Center during consultations.

Marisa Leach + Leahley Alawi | Minimalist Tutoring

This podcast talks about the benefits of minimalist tutoring with respect to growth mindset and a move away from deficit thinking.

Megan Taylor | Using STEM Education in the Writing Center

Megan talks about how those with a STEM background can thrive into the Writing Center.

Isabella Preissle | The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Tutoring

Isabella considers the importance of social-emotional intelligence in tutoring and how to incorporate specific benchmarks into tutor training.

Luke Renken | Vulnerability in Writing

Luke offers advice for becoming more vulnerable in writing in order to produce meaningful, reflective drafts.

Emily Lock | Self-Revision Strategies

Emily provides some simple strategies for writers looking to do quick revision on their on work.

Carsten Finholt | How to Participate in a Family Fun Night

Carsten offers practical tips for students participating in a Family Fun Night with our partners from Eastern Michigan University.

Isabella Preissle + Madeline Small | Self-Deprecation as a Tutoring Strategy

Isabella and Madeline talk about sharing vulnerability through self-deprecating humor can make tutees more comfortable sharing their own vulnerability.

Anne Boyd | Inclusivity in the Writing Center

Anne discusses how the Skyline Writing Center has worked to ensure that it is a safe, welcoming place for all members of our community.

Anna Dang + Arifa Syeda | Alternatives to the Five-Paragraph Essay

Anna and Arifa other kinds of writing structures that students can use to effectively make more complex points.

Liam Keating | Confronting Homophobia in the Writing Center

Using Rihn and Sloan’s “Rainbows in the Past Were Gay,” this podcast offers suggestions for preventing homophobia in the Writing Center through challenging ideologies.