WC Group Photo - 2020-2021

Student Leadership

The Skyline Writing Center is a student-run, student-centered program that puts tutors in important decision-making and organizational roles.

Each year, three Writing Center seniors are selected to serve as program leaders to mentor and train tutors, maintain our partnerships, organize the publication of Teen Spirit, and develop exceptional events, like our International Write-In for Social Change.

Our 2019-2020 program leaders are Erin Page, Sophie Reznick, Elizabeth Smith, and Jocelyn Valenzuela.

Previous Student Leaders

2019-2020: Alison MacGillivray, Gianna Shipp, Madeleine Van Delden
2018-2019: Emma Rose Carpenter, Carsten Finholt, Isabella Preissle
2017-2018: Brigette Bauer, Bailey Christensen, Madeline Small
2016-2017: Anne Boyd, Christopher Morgan-Martin, Star Su
2015-2016: Skylar Burkhardt
2014-2015: Adriana Hassan

Writing Center Houses

The Writing Center’s House system is a tiered mentoring system designed to create a more personalized climate for tutors in the Writing Center so that they can use their voice, find a home, and receive individual feedback and mentoring.  Each of our student leaders mentors a group of 8-10 of their Writing Center peers throughout the year to help Writing Center feel like a team and to ensure that all tutors can be at their very best while collaborating with their classmates.

Meet Our First Semester Tutors

Click on a tutor’s name below to see their introduction video and learn a little more about them!  Remember: odd blocks (1, 3, 5) meet on Mondays and Thursdays, and even blocks (2, 4, 6) meet on Tuesdays and Fridays.

First Hour: Katie Maugh, Elizabeth Smith, Clay Tistle, Kelsey Walworth

Second Hour: Peter Cohn, Markey Freudenburg-Puricelli, Natalie Johnson, Sarah Larson, Erin Page, Sophie Reznick

Third Hour: Maoz Bareket, Delaney Breiner, Salsabeel Hodge, Kailee Ransom, Felicity Sorenson

Fourth Hour: Eva Campbell, Avery Christensen, Sydney Cunningham, Kenichi Lobbezoo, Sierra Lubetkin

Fifth Hour: Rajada Noblin, Sarah Wajdi

Sixth Hour: Sasha Akuezue, Caitlyn Donnelly, Matthew McMorrough